Feedback and reviews by Patients about their consultation experience with Dr.J Mariano Anto Bruno Mascarenhas on iCliniq

Feedback by Patients on iCliniq

Feedbacks & Reviews of Dr.J Mariano Anto Bruno Mascarenhas
Feedbacks and reviews by users about their consultation experience with Dr.J Mariano Anto Bruno Mascarenhas.

“I like your response to my question and thankful to you.”
– Gagandeep Kaur Gill, India

“It’s very helpfull for me”
– Vanitha Giri, India

“Thank u sir”
– POONGODI, Bangalore, India

“Thank u sir”
– POONGODI, Bangalore, India

“Thank u sir”

“Thank u sir”

“Thank you…for your valuable reply”
– Nesna Haroon, Bangalore, India

“It was a very prompt and precise response.”
– Senthil, India

“நன்றி சார்”

– Soumyajit Dey, Kolkata, India

“Thanks sir ,”
– Anil, India

“Fine and thank you dr.”
– V.sivamani, Mumbai, India

“Thank you doctor.”
– Poushali Bhattacharya, Kolkata, India

“Thank You. I’m glad to see the advices”
– Kishore Kumar, Mumbai, India

“Thanks a lot doctor…”
– Shaik, Bangalore, India

“Thank you so much for responding to my querry.. Highly appreciated..”
– Edwin Cordeiro, Delhi, India

“Thank you. This was helpful.”
– Laura Pereira, Vasai, India

“Good very experienced answers”
– Rama, Chennai, India

“Thank you sir.”
– T Thamaraikannan, Chennai, India

“Thank u Dr”
– Suyamprakasam, India

“Thank you”
– Sujeet Kashid, India

“Very helpful, thank you.”
– Raj, Chennai, India

“Thank you”
– Mouli, Chennai, India

“Well answered”
– Mouli, Chennai, India

“Prompt and very helpful”
– Abhishek Bhattacharya, Mumbai, India

“Thanks for this.”
– Prity Kumari, Mumbai, India

“Ok thanks”
– Prashant, India

“Spot on diagnosis and advise!”
– Tanmay, India

“Thank you dr”
– Bhakti, Mumbai, India

“Very Good”
– VEDANG, India

“Thank you sir. .m very happy to meet u”
– Rahat, Mumbai, India

– Jyotirmayee, Siruseri, India

“Very Good Answer, My Query Got Clarified, I am ready to go with icliniq now!”
– Rudra, Pune, India

“Thank you sir.”
– Ashraf, Thiruvananthapuram, India

“Thank you for your valuable feedback sir”
– VASU, India

“Tq very much”
– Archana, Mumbai, India

– Xyz, India

“Good clarification”
– Deepak, Chennai, India

“Dr.J Mariano Anto Bruno,has answered me accurately I have cleared my doubt .thank u”
– Bharath, Kumar, India

– Maloji, Chennai, India

“Thank you”
– VINAY KUMAR, Allahabad, India

“Thanks sir”
– Reetesh, Mumbai, India

“It was very helpful”
– Reetesh, Mumbai, India

“Thanks for prompt reply.”
– Yash Chandra, Mumbai, India

“Thank you”
– Spark, Bangalore, India

“Thanku doctor for taking my query and replying.i am very greatful.”
– Sugandhaa Singh, Chennai, India

“I am satisfied with your answer.thank u.”
– Ramesh Kumar, Siuri, India

“Thank You Doctor :)”
– Rajesh, India

– Prabhakaran, Chennai, India

“Thank you dr”
– Sanjay, Bangalore, India

“Thanks doctor,it was helpful”
– Smriti Bhatpahari, India

“Thank u sr.”
– Rahat Khan, Mumbai, India

– Augustine, India

“Prompt response”
– Raj, India

“Thank you doctor it was really helpful.”
– Puja Upadhyay, India

“Thankyou doctor”
– Puja Upadhyay, India

“Thank you very much dr saab….you helped me to out from depression. very fast and appropriate reply. very happy.”
– Dil Bahadur Thapa, Hyderabad, India

“Great Thanks!”
– Animesh, India

“Thankx a lot sir”
– Krishan Dev, Guwahati, India

– Akshita Gupta, India

“Excellent response and a quick reply. Thank you dr”
– Nitin Jadhav, India

“Thankyou sir for your wonderful reply.”
– Gaurav, Kumar, India

“Thank you for your kind reply and support”
– Ankit Yadav, India

“Thank u doctor”
– Kumaresan, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Thank u doctor”
– Kumaresan, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Thank you”
– Manoj, Nepal

“Surprised to get an answer to my question that fast.”
– Inas, Federal Way, United States

“Tanq v much really worthful”
– Bhagiradh, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Detailed and thoughtful. I’m confident I received a good response that I can trust.”
– Jac Mitchell, Fort Myers, United States

“Thank u sir”
– Rajaakash9570521863, Ottawa, Canada

“Thanks alot sir for your help … i am obliged sir”
– Zafar Ali, Islamabad, Pakistan

“Thank you for your feedback”
– Jason Wiedrick, Richmond Hill, United States

“Thanks for speedy responce”
– Balkishan Gothwal, Shirokane, Japan

“Thank u very much sir”
– Kumaresan, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Thank u Sir”
– Kumaresan, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Thank u very much sir”
– Kumaresan, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Thank you for a prompt response.”
– Andrea, Spotsylvania, United States

– Sujan, King Of Prussia, United States

“Great service”
– Scott Butler, Bundaberg, Australia

Dr.J Mariano Anto Bruno Mascarenhas

“Thank you Dr. J Bruno. That helps a lot.”

– Bonginkosi, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Thanks for your time and advice. I appreciate it greatly.”
– Laura Gribble, Fort Walton Beach, United States

“Very warm and prompt reply.”
– Dirika, Kenya

“Very helpful :)”
– Cloe, Perth, Australia

– Rafael, France

“Great service”
– Scott Butler, Bundaberg, Australia

“Great thanks”
– Scott Butler, Bundaberg, Australia

“Your answer is very helpful to me”
– Hira, Islamabad, Pakistan

“Thank you for your prompt reply!”
– Aren, Sungai Buluh, Malaysia

“Thank you so much for the information Doctor. I greatly appreciate It”
– Justin Kennedy, Berlin, United States

“Thanks a lot sir… Very happy with your response.. Now I can go ahead without any confusions .. Thanks once again”
– Shruthi Kishore, Japan

“Very helpful”
– Laura Head, United States

“Thank you!”
– Nicole Tanner, Florence, United States

“Thank you very helpful”
– Carla, Detroit, United States

“Good one thanks”
– Shayan, Pakistan

“Dr.J Mariano Anto Bruno answered to all of my questions clearly, gave me hope and hopefully a good advice that I will try as soon as possible.”
– Marek Kašperlík, Czech Republic

“Thank you very much for answering my question. I definitely appreciate”
– Peter Bernal, United States

“Good, detailed answer. It washed away my worries and now I know what might be the cuase.”
– Katie Skyel, Springfield, United States

“Thankyou I found it quite helpfull and thankyou for your time”
– Sam Hunt, Glasgow, United Kingdom

– Rajni, Suva, Fiji

“Posthaste response! Grateful for your insight and guidance. Thank you so very much!”
– Cecilia Wininger, Lexington, United States

– Arnav Sharma, United States

“Quick response thank you!”
– Jenna, Rochester, United States

– Sean, Ottawa, Canada

“Thank you”
– Sean, Ottawa, Canada

– Uzma, Islamabad, Pakistan

– Matt, United Kingdom

“Thanks a lot☺”
– Meenaraju, Chennai, India

– Grace Marley, Pittsburgh, United States

“Thank you it was informative and to to the point.”
– Jon, United States

“Great site Dr Bruno answered my question quickly and thoroughly”
– Ann, Marshfield, United States

“Thank you so much doctor!”
– Biplob Gogoi, United States

– Bilal, Islamabad, Pakistan

“Was helpful”
– Brianna Smith, Humble, United States

“Thank you Doctor”
– Carlos Rodriguez, United States

“Great and detailed response”
– George, Granville, Australia

“Thank you, most prompt and helpful”
– La, South Jordan, United States

“Thanks for your co-operation.”
– Moinul, Dhaka, Bangladesh

“Answered question”
– Sally Wilson, Waldoboro, United States

“Thank you very much”
– Sunnny, United States

“Very well informed and helpful”
– Mschaffer2000, Orchard Park, United States

“Thank you Dr. Bruno I will do more research about the answer above. I really appreciate your response. It will finally answer my question. and help my confusion”
– Chelsea Brown, Bonney Lake, United States

“Thank you!!!”
– Kay Williams, United States

“Thank you so much”
– Amna, Pakistan

“Thank you Doc ! I appreciate it !”
– Arturo, Mexico City, Mexico

“Thank you for your help!”
– Katrina Eikenberry, East Wenatchee, United States

“Thank you so much Doctor :)”
– Sarah, United Kingdom