Dr Bruno Neurosurgeon Paleo Patients Feedback on Practo

Feedback by patients on Practo

1 Senthil Kumar PN
2 months ago
Visited For Health Checkup (General)
Dr Bruno is one of the best doctors in the city. He is a well known neuro surgeon and also consults for General Health and Lifestyle-related issues. I chose him because he keeps abreast of the new developments in medicine, well informed as well as well read; So his prescriptions are in tune with the current trends.
Also, You can continue to avail online consultation for free for the following few weeks. Highly recommended.

2 Nalankilli
2 months ago
Visited For Heart Conditions
I had a very good discussion with the doctor at my consultation. I continuously asked question after question, and he patiently clarified all of my doubts without hesitation. He created a very pleasant atmosphere I found him very approachable. His manner didn’t appear deliberate or even conscious. The kindness and friendliness that I saw in him were genuine, and appeared to be from the heart.

3 Chinnadurai P
5 months ago
Really good. Doctor was explained good about paleo. He made me very comfort during his consulting time . He has analysed my Arokiayam 1.4 test report very carefully and he has given appropriate treatment and observations. Physiologically he reads the person easily and make us comfortable. Good .

4 User
10 months ago
We personally feel he is best in what he does With an immense subject knowledge and had enlightened us with his thoughts and approach..I would recommend him for any kinds of brain related problems..

5 Riaz
9 months ago Visited For Weight Loss
Very opt appointment. ..and Doctors diagnosis was great and advised us the great way of living. .. Thanks to Dr. BRUNO AGAIN

6 R.Sricharan
7 months ago
Very good. Doctor clarified my doubts very clearly, very kind to my child and explained his plan in detail.

7 ShivaRanjani
8 months ago
We are highly satisfied with the treatment provided. Each appointment is for 30 minutes. This gives ample time to explain the problem.

8 Verified Patient
6 months ago
The experience was very good ,doctor gave good attention to my problems and he was soft spoken and he talked openly I was fully satisfied

9 Naina Mohamed S M
5 days ago
Happy with: Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money
Understood our problem and concerns very quickly and had given appropriate medical advice. ruling out unnecessary tests. recommends only required tests.

10 Christopher Thanaraj
Visited for Headaches, Headaches
Very professional and cardial. Answered all my question patiently. I want to particularly understand the effect of high fat diet and how the fat will be treated in body. Thanks

11 Aparna Sabarish
Visited for Weight Management, Weight Management
One of the best doctors! He was very patient in explaining the problem, very clear in recommending the plan and follow up course of action. He spends a lot of time with each patient and address their concerns in they way they understand. His treatment is very effective, and i am looking forward to meet him again and take my treatment forward. Thanks Doc!

12 T.K. subhas
Visited for Giddiness, Giddiness
The advice given by the doctor is very good and most appreciated. The doctor has clearly explained about the problem and how to tackle the same.So that,it may not re-occur again.I am pleased with the approach of the doctor to the patients and the manner in which he had explained is quite appreciable.

13 Andrina Preethi
15 days ago
The doctor was very supportive and was patient with all queries, clarified all doubts. He spent good time with us to understand and alleviate any misconceptions. I recommend.

14 Deepak P
16 days ago
He patiently heard me. Looked at the medical results and listed my health condition through detailed dialogues. Suggested way forward.

15 Balaji.TV
a month ago
Mr. BRUNO was absolute professional. Helped me with paleo. Will definitely recommend for friends and family.

16 Subbiah
3 months ago
Doctor Bruno is nice, am bout to start my treatment. Hope everything goes well. Doctor looks nice and friendly

17 paulonesh
10 months ago
Thank you for respond my question and answering me
but what is that medical term word to find out the somatostatin level?

18 suresh.v
a month ago
Could meet the Doctor on time (given for appointment), Dr. was very polite in understanding the history of the patient (the way the Doctor notes down the test results in a very systematic way was giving us lot of confidence) Doctor lets us speak fully to analyse and advises way-forward in a very positive way, best part is that he doesn’t prescribe antibiotics and only emphasis on home-made food and customized diet and health supplements to cure the illness.

19 Nachiyar R
2 months ago
Very good, brief explanation about report, diet chart on food habits. Necessary medicine to cure the damage in past. Scheduled review for future.

20 Christobel Jermi
5 months ago
Visited For Pancreatic cancer
Really useful. He is very patient and care
We enquired for paleo diet chart.
We satisfied by his approach

5 months ago
Dr was approaching friendly and he was understating our problem also he was giving clear explanation about our problems, our experience with Dr.Bruno can say very nice

22 Verified Patient
8 days ago
We are very happy about the courtesy, hospitality, positive approach and the advice provided by the Doctor. More over, the service rendered by the doctor is good.

23 Verified Patient
23 days ago
He is very friendly, I’m feeling good after meeting him. He has some positive vibration it feel us awesome. I’m very happy to consulting doctor like him.

24 Verified Patient
a month ago
He is such a nice person to interact with. He was very patient to clarify all queries that we had asked him.

17 days ago
Visited For Weight Loss, Weight Management
It was nice consulting and good inputs on the diet plan. Learned lot of things on the approach towards the disease.

26 B Mohamed Hanifa
a month ago
Visited For Body Weakness
I lose the weight in one month .7.7 kg per month so I have proud of this doctor .he is the friendly charactor

27 Priya Mani
2 months ago
It has been always a nice experience. You will be answered in detail for your queries and he always gives motivation to get rid of fear feel about the illness.

28 Ashwini Ravi
2 months ago
Very friendly.. experience was too good.. very caring person.. listenning to all those issues of us and solving them.. motivating that weight will be reduced soon..

29 Ms.Laxmi
19 days ago
He has asked me to give blood test for arogyam 1.7 paleo and to come on 2nd may at 8.00 pm alongwith the blood test reports.

30 Ramaiah D
23 days ago
Visited For Weight Loss
He gave me many advices like do and don’t and encouraged me a lot to follow the diet and the way he treats us is good

31 Sukumar
a month ago
Happy with: Doctor friendliness
Doctor is good. But there is no use of Practo. I book appointement at 8 but i met doctor at 9 only. Next time direct walkin to doctor. Please describe why i want to use practo..

Dr. J.Mariano Anto Bruno Mascarenhas replied
Dear Sir
A patient Required Emergency Surgery and hence all appointments had to be delayed on that day. We regret for the inconvenience. Hope you will understand that such occasional delays are inevitable in a hospital where emergencies needed to be addressed first

32 Verified Patient
a month ago
Enquired about my health in detail. Given diet chart to follow. Following it. Feeling comfortable.

33 Verified Patient
2017 May 31
This is the 2nd sitting with this doctor. He hhas taken more care and identified the deficiency and given medical treatment.

34 Verified Patient
2017 Jun 01
Em feel good and get so much of knowledge Abt ma health….Dr maraiana anto Bruno is very good person he speaks so good and motivate me

35 rafiahamed
2017 Jun 03
Visited for Blood Pressure Changes, Blood Pressure Changes
Very nice adviser . Very friendly . Good motivator. I will recommend him for my friends and family.

36 Prasanna
2017 Jun 03
Explained about the paleo diet with write examples thanks for immensly care. Response to clarifying my doubts is very encouraging. Thanks

37 Shana
2017 Jun 03
This ia my first visit with Dr. Bruno. He gave me confidence that I will loose weight in 6 months time and all my other health issues wil start changing in one month. He very patiently explained all my queries. It’s only a day since I have started d diet and I find it quiet easy to follow. I have been following it strictly. Looking forward to meeting u next month with a better blood report. Thanku doctor!

38 Essakkikarthik
Very friendly doctor. He neatly explained everything. I’m really satisfied with his treatment and I’m still continuing his treatment.
8:56PM, Jun 19

39 Verified Patient
Very simple and didn’t make scary, listens patiently. Suggest the diet plan. Very comfortable. Nice experience.
8:56PM, Jun 19

40 Verified Patient
Doctor generally gives feedback and suggestions in online which doesn’t consume time in waiting for the arrival of doctor
8:17PM, Jun 20

41 Verified Patient
Just started on Paleo diet.. too early to give any feedback now.. I would like to wait atleast for a month or two to see results
4:08PM, Jun 22

42 Arutpragasam Murugesan
first visit to the doctor for the proposed paleo diet with blood test results proved very much satisfactory as he suggested some corrections in blood values are required with medicines for a period and then only diet to be commenced. Very much pleased with his approach considering my existing minor illness.
4:08PM, Jun 22

43 Mrs. Gayathri Gnanashekar
Visited for Weight Loss, Weight Loss
that was soo helpfull and gave me confidence that i can reduce my weight ! now i am clear with the diet chart ! as doctor has discussed with me regarding my health and the diet chart.thank you sir.
7:09PM, Jun 27

44 Keerthi
Doctor was kind and concerned. He gave me confidence that I will be alright in two months. He went further to call my dad to explain that Iam alright and not to worry about me. Thanks Doctor
7:10PM, Jun 27

45 Karthik Janakiraman
Having known him for more than 5 years now, it was my second consultation with him for paleo. As usual he took away my fear of bad numbers of cholesterol advising me on the diet and some much needed supplements. I love him for the way he approaches the problem more scientifically.
3:52PM, Jun 28

46 Verified Patient
As per his advice, I’m able to reduce weight loss. Feeling better and comfortable than before. Dr. Is very friendly and encouraging to achieve the target.
4:30PM, Jul 09

47 Verified Patient
Visited for Weight Loss, Weight Loss
Fentastic Doctor, I like the most in him is explaining the context about the illness to the patient and giving the guidance is most appreciated… Thank God for giving an opportunity to meet him , to get recovered from the illness….
1:50AM, Jul 13

48 S.Arumugam
I have Consulted him. He prescribed some medicines and he clarfied my doubts, improved my Confident.
8:29PM, Jul 19

49 Kondaveeti Anil
Sir is very great person, he is moving so friendly, so simple, so humble. That’s All…. After a second review I will tell more about sir….
2:02PM, Jul 20

50 Verified Patient
It a pleasant experience as his listening and understanding the case and also explaining the treatment and it’s process. It is great.
7:28PM, Jul 24

51 Rhainraj V
Very good experience. he is very patient and able to clear all our doubts and gave confidence to start the diet. I will definitely recommend my friends to him.
7:58PM, Jul 25

52 Soundari S
Visited for Headache Management, Neuro Developmental Therapy, Neuro Developmental Therapy
Superb the way he explain the probs. I really happy ..sir simply superb.. looking handsome…extrdinary person
11:00PM, Jul 27

53 Verified Patient
Visited for Headaches, Headaches
Had recurrent headache and dizziness for the last 15 days before meeting the doctor. Started recovering right from day 2 of using the medicines. Doctor clarifies all your doubts very clearly and gives you that MUCH needed confidence. However you have to be ready for using the medicines for min. 30 days(as per the experience of me and my cousin) before your second visit, which is relatively a little long period.
6:12AM, Jul 30

54 Ravindran R
Visited for Weight Management, Weight Management
I am really satisfied with the compassionate behaviour of the Dr .He is very friendly and clarify all my doubts.Inspite of busy schedules he spends lots time to answer my silly questions..He indoctrinate the complex of my problems with simple examples.On the whole i am totally surrendered . Thanks Doctor
9:31PM, Aug 01

55 Verified Patient
Visited for Sugar Level Check, Sugar Level Check
NICE DOCTOR,feel friendly,good treatment,i consult fr palio,he explain nicely,sir used three colour pen fr paleo diet chrt,very helpful to understand
2:06PM, Aug 03

56 MR.E.Kamalesh
Experience with the doctor was very good. He has given a diet chart and some medicines to be taken for next one month after which to repeat the 1.7 test. However, despite appointment time of 8.30pm we could meet the doctor only after 10pm. Nurses at the reception stated that it’s the doctor’s decision to call the patient of his choice.
8:21AM, Aug 04

The explanation about the health problem was very clear. He was patient while explaining the treatment. Was motivating.
3:31AM, Aug 05

58 Luxshmikanth
Visited for Diet Counselling, Diet Counselling
Very helpful he explained all about deficiency and abnormality. More about health and diet importance.
3:31AM, Aug 05